Seasons greetings…

After spending the best part of the last 18 months skiing as much as possible, I decided that the best time to start writing about it would be just as I’m about to have a summer. My timing has always been impeccable. After graduating from university and a short stint of working at Frankie and Benny’s (I KNOW) I moved to Morzine and then spent the summer skiing in New Zealand, then moved back to Morzine. Now I lack the necessary funds to fly to the other side of the world so I’ve decided to stick around in Morzine and try my hand at some summer sports instead. So, short as I might be for skiing subject matter over the next few months, I’ll hopefully be able to string together a few posts until winter comes around again.

But I can’t be too gutted, because I’ve had so much fun over the past year and a half, and skied so much that my body could probably do with a break, especially as the snow in Avoriaz this year has been in no short supply. To sum up, I’ve worked as little as possible, ridden heaps of powder and have actually improved in the park. Even with the limited amount of park riding I’ve been doing I’ve learned switch 5’s and 7’s, kind of mastered the art of the switch up and have even got some of it on film. Not bad for a few weeks of sunny weather.

Powder day

Last week I had a (pretty good for April) powder day, and now all of a sudden it seems to be spring, cue intense heat, ankle deep slush and fierce sunburn, which has reminded me that, actually, the season will be over in a week, and WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? I may have just said that I need a break from skiing, and I could definitely do with a tan, but when I think about spending 7 months with my skis sitting in the corner I am struck with a terrible paranoia that I will somehow forget how to ski, and all my hard work will have been for nothing.

It has also occurred to me that I am completely unprepared for summer. I am pasty white, (bar my handle bar moustache goggle tan) flabby from eating too much baguette, and my feet are somewhat deformed from 4 seasons in ill fitting ski boots. Aside from this, I’ve never really been a summer person and usually enjoy the heat by sweating profusely and furiously scratching mosquito bites and heat rash. Hopefully people will still want to look at me when the time comes to put on a bikini.

On the plus side though, I will get to go home for a little while, where I will have the internet and a washing machine so I can catch up on all the terrible TV shows I like that I missed over the winter, have clean clothes AND keep in touch with my friends, who thankfully have not forgotten my existence while I’ve been offline. I’ll even get to see them in the flesh, where I can drink wine while catching up on gossip and my yearly fix of girly-ness. And then I can enjoy the delights of free food and meals cooked for me by my family… and cheddar cheese… and dishwashers… and…

Skiing what now?

Photo credit to Emily Meow

One thought on “Seasons greetings…

  1. Such a good start to the blog. You’re such a great skiier, I can’t imagine you in the summer. ENJOY it!

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