The Poor Girls’ Guide to Keeping Fit

So, I’ve been saving my pennies all summer in the hope that I might actually be able to afford a season pass this winter! (After spending last summer in New Zealand all I could afford were 30 day Avoriaz only passes that didn’t even have my picture on them. Boring.)

Anyway, I’ve been chronically poor for around a year and a half, so spending any amount of money that could potentially be spent on skiing seemed a bit like an unnecessary expense. So over the summer it was, screw you mountain biking/yoga classes/swimming pool and HELLO RUNNING!

 Now, I started running at uni, again, a poor time in my life, but in hindsight, not the poorest (Thank you Student Loan) and I hated it. I couldn’t even run around the block without wheezing like an old lady and feeling like I was going to die. But the beauty of running is that if you persevere, it doesn’t take long to get better. To quote How I Met your Mother, you just, like, start running, and then you don’t stop, or something along those lines anyway. Admittedly, it’s not the best exercise to prepare you for a hard winter of skiing, but I like to think that if I can make myself run a bit further every day, or a bit faster, and my body does it, then I can probably trust it to jump off a cliff, or land a backflip, or one of those other tricks I’ve been wanting to try for ages…


I run like Phoebe

One of my other favourite things about running is that while all the gear can be quite expensive, you can get it all seriously budget. Two words: SPORTS DIRECT. Is this possibly the best shop on the planet? My boyfriend, the Cameraman, (as he will be called from now on, because apparently, boyfriend isn’t cool enough) would be inclined to disagree, but when he needs a pair of £7 running shoes or a £6 sports bra I bet he’ll be straight in there. They even sell jeans.

My other great sporting discovery of the summer was skateboarding, which is quite possibly one of the hardest sports EVER. But it’s a fraction of the price of a mountain bike, and when you land a new trick it’s ok to feel deservedly smug. It’s also really good for you; a half hour skate is like the equivalent of doing an intensive exercise class but in all your regular clothes, if not more, because you need layers for protection.


I finally learn to do something cool that doesnt involve much skill. Photo by Sam mcMahon

Skating is so cheap that anyone can do it and, like running, you can do it anywhere; there are a number of children’s charities working in places like South America and Pakistan to get kids into skateboarding instead of joining gangs or falling victim to racial or gender stereotyping. Because, I know a lot of us skiers like to think we’re gangsters, but really, we’re mostly just middle class white folk living in little mountain subcultures.

So, er… that’s it. I’m hoping that this is enough to keep me in shape until winter comes. Let’s hope I don’t get too into watching TV in my pants and eating Doritos.

To find out more about some awesome skating charities visit or

Oh, and lets not forget:

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