We All Have to Start Somewhere…

So, what with it being the start of the season, there are a lot of new faces around town, and now it’s Christmas, lots of holiday makers as well. From the outside, Morzine looks like the perfect, bustling little ski resort town, but in reality, going riding around this time of year involves a lot of waiting in lift lines while the person in front of you can’t get their pass to scan, avoiding ski school trains and trying to get around THAT guy on a cat track who thinks that doing the ‘race pose’ will make him go faster.

There are a lot of names floating around for these types of people: punters, gapers, kooks, etc. and then we can go into the sub categories of skier dads and skier mums and so on and so forth. People who just generally don’t really know what’s going on.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I may sometimes get a little bit annoyed when that person in front is trying to climb over the turnstile with their skis still on and it’s the third time that day. But then I take a deep breath and think: that was totally me once. On my first winter, I thought everything I wore had to be Gore-tex, wore goggles that only came with an orange lens, and thought that a twin tip was some kind of sex move. I also spent the first three months of the season being completely out of control trying to keep up with all my friends, probably cutting people up left right and centre and rag dolling down mogul fields. Come to think of it… sometimes I still even have trouble scanning my pass, and I fall over standing still.

Anyway, my point is, we were all shit once. Whether it was as a child, on a mountain or in a snowdome, or the long anticipated gap yah, we all had to start somewhere. This is what I looked like on my first season:

       Image       Image

Working on two classic poses: the skier, and, the skier

And here are a few kindly donated photos from some of my friends of what they looked like when they first started skiing or snowboarding:

Image  Image

George: really a mountain biker

ImageSabrina: now rides for GNU


The McManaways: no longer this cute


Dunstan: and his first ever line


Nathan: could smash this jump now


Catriona: now snowboards


Lois: accessorizing with matching boots


Lottie: demonstrating that the hat and sunnies combo has worked its way back round


Catriona again: pioneering skinnny pants


Sam: actually has brown hair, and a beard now, too


Luke: does double front flips now (but looks pretty cool for his first season, well done Luke)


We were all having the best time ever in these pictures (except maybe the McManaways) and that’s what’s so awesome about being in the mountains and getting to ski and snowboard all the time, or even snowblade if that’s your thing. I’ll have to remind myself of that next time a child cuts me up on the run in to a rail.

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