Half Term Hiking

My my, those holidays did seem to last a long time… A lot of complaining was done (and not just by me, I hasten to add) a ranty blog was published, an old French couple who ‘got lost’ in the landing between two jumps were shouted at, and that was that.
Around this time of year, some people don’t go up the mountain, some spend their time touring instead, or cutting their days short and heading straight for the bar, because who wants to wait for forty minutes to get from one place to another?

After all, when the visibility is good, who needs to use the lifts? One of the best ways, in my opinion, to get better at rails is to have a good old hike. It’s warm, it’s sweaty, it’s really good exercise, you get to hang out with all your friends, it’s good for the soul etc. etc. By good for the soul, I mean you can look down at the twenty minute lift line and smugly think ‘ha, look at those suckers, spending all that time waiting for a two minute lap, I’m getting multiple hits on this rail and learning new tricks.’ All those people waiting in line for the lift were probably looking at me thinking ‘look at those suckers, getting all out of breath and sweaty when there’s a lift right here.’

ImageNothing like a good safety grab – Photo by Callum Cowie

But anyway, it’s my favourite way to learn new rail stuff, because when I’ve hiked back up to the top and I’m hot and sweaty and out of breath and have really steamy goggles, I know I’ve put in the effort to get up there, and there’s no way I’m going to chicken out, because then I’ll have to hike back up and do it again. It also makes me feel less guilty that I haven’t been for a run for about three months now. I’ve still not managed a 450 out, but I’ve got some good combos down, and been working on those pesky switch lips… let’s hope I can get it before it gets too slushy!

So go on, go for a hike before it’s too late! Your body will thank you… eventually.

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