Adventures in Austria, Part 2

For my second trip of the season I made it to Austria again, but only for three days this time. This adventure was ‘spring break’ or ‘the board test,’ or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days. I wasn’t actually going to test anything, (mainly because I don’t snowboard) I just wanted to go skiing, and get some shots for what will be an incredibly short season edit.

With my favourite Austria dwellers, Sabrina Burnham and Nathan Clough, we set off from Morzine, fresh faced and chipper from spending the night before at the Avoriaz closing party. Google maps said it would be a six hour drive. It took ten.

 Image                      Image

Selfies and a lake, what a way to start my relationship with Instagram.

It was a further thirty minutes to get up to Kaunertal Glacier in the morning, getting better on timings compared to my last Austria visit, and it was probably the most beautiful drive to a glacier ever. There was a lake, and little wooden statues on the hairpins, and some mega avalanche debris to keep me occupied.

That wasn’t the best part though, because when we arrived, just in time for the only hour of sun that day, I looked over at the park and there were, like, FOUR down rails, and, get this, A FLAT BAR. There were even some big fat plastic tubes to learn stuff on. So in short, pretty much everything that Avoriaz doesn’t have. But you do have trees, Avoriaz, so don’t worry about it.

ImageTubey tube tube tube. Tubes for days.

Filming was skipped in favour of fun, and becasue of the instant slush that kept falling from the sky, and it was down rails for days, then more drinking, and more down rails. Similarly to my last post, it was goal not met with regards to getting some footage, but I had way more fun going somewhere new, riding and hanging out with my homies – including a long lost friend from my winter in New Zealand.

I don’t like watching myself skiing anyway.


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