This Time Last Year…

And so another summer begins in a flurry of thunder storms, blistering heat and casual unemployment. And I’ve realised that it was this time last year that I started my pokey little blog, completely inept at using WordPress and not quite sure of what to write. I’m still eye-rollingly shit at WordPress, but I like to think I’ve gotten a bit better at, you know, spelling and stuff.

So thank you to everybody who has taken the time to read and make positive comments on my rantings and ravings, and all the other stuff that comes out of my head. I really appreciate it, even if, when you tell me I look at the floor and mumble something.
This winter was an interesting one; I turned twenty five, bought an iPhone, the cameraman went and got himself a proper job, I became the owner of a car with a 0.9l engine, worked FIVE days a week, got more minor injuries than I would have liked, and moved to a flat where the kitchen isn’t also the wardrobe, hallway and shoe cupboard. Originally I thought, this can only mean one thing. I’m getting old.



Getting into the slush

But then… I also thought, I’ve had a lot of firsts this year, too. I went ‘street skiing,’ dropped the biggest cliff of my life (which I didn’t land, but no big), did a road gap, entered a freeride competition (which was cancelled, but no big), almost modelled some really, horrendously ugly ski wear, fell over in a boot pack and caused an avalanche, and was in a freeski/snowboard demo for Avoriaz or Oneill or both. I also went to Austria twice, got some new sponsors and got a crash on film that was worthy of a girl fail video compilation. (Watch here at:


Eating shit 2

 Double ejecting into a rock…

Remembering some of those things makes me think that as well as getting older, I may have become a bit stupider, too. But it’s ok, because I really didn’t have that much dignity in the first place. My pride and riding niggles are righting themselves, and I’ve got all summer to make myself less injury prone. Plus, if I didn’t do stupid things every now and again, my life would be distinctly more boring than it already is, and I would have nothing to talk about at parties.

Before I started writing this, I’d actually felt like my winter had been a bit of a failure; I didn’t get as much filming done as I wanted, and March and April were spent catching edges and flat landing in gluey, ankle biting slush, which made me think I wasn’t really getting better at skiing at all. Like I’d finally hit that plateau that you just can only go backwards from.



Always  making new friends on the mountain

But looking back on my winter in a nutshell, I actually had a completely awesome and exciting time, and met some really cool people along the way. I suppose being a good rider isn’t about how many tricks you can learn in a short space of time, there are lots of other factors involved, like consistency and confidence and variation. All that stuff I was worried about is the stuff that, incidentally, makes skiing feel less like fun and more like work, which is not a good attitude to have! Fun and games will definitely be the focus of next winter.

Sometimes, it’s really good to write things down.


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